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PREBYTES has been fighting an endless battle with cybercriminals for over a decade. We offer advanced IT solutions for business clients whilesupporting them in the scope of provided services. We create new, unique products dedicated exclusively to our partners. We invest in people'spotential, knowledge, and passion.

The work


The work

We believe that work efficiency depends on treating others seriously and responsibly. We provide stable employment conditions based on anemployment contract for all our employees. Working with us, you will be sure that you are in the right place for yourself.

Knowledge and development

We want each of our employees to develop their skills and expand their knowledge. By offering free training, we give you the opportunity forprofessional development not only in the IT area. The acquired knowledge will allow you to achieve your goals.


We want every employee to feel valued and satisfied with their work. Appreciating our employees' commitment, enthusiasm, potential, and creativity,we guarantee attractive remuneration conditions and additional benefits.


We strive for our team to consist of passionate and committed people. By offering responsible work in a constantly developing team, we giveemployees access to the latest technologies and gadgets. You can broaden your horizons and learn a lot by working with us.

Workplace environment

A healthy workplace environment is an essential factor in job satisfaction. We make every effort to ensure that the people in the team feelcomfortable. There are no hard and fast rules of corporations. All employees have an impact on the development of the company. It is up to you howfar you will go.


Working in our company, you can go for a walk in the garden, have lunch on the terrace, look at the surrounding greenery or enjoy the silence and thesinging of birds. You can recharge your batteries at any time for the next exciting challenge that awaits you.

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