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Who we are

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PREBYTES is a company that provides cybersecurity services for business clients, i.e., banking institutions, security vendors, and other clients worldwide. We respond to real threats of Internet users. Since 2009, we have been taking up the challenges posed by cybercriminals, fighting effectively for greater ICT security of our clients. We anticipate forthcoming and diagnose current threats in the financial sector. Thus, we ensure the continuity of our partners' businesses.
We are a team of enthusiasts who have repeatedly confirmed their professional knowledge with completed projects, lectures at elite conferences, and publications in the specialist press. We constantly monitor threats on the Internet, and we provide the acquired knowledge to our clients. In that way, they can avoid undesirable and, at the same time, severe financial losses.
Join us and become a cybersecurity expert.
Our services are always tailored to the needs and requirements of our Partner. We appreciate every remark in the area of daily practice. We strengthen the team level of expertise and carefully modify the technologies used. By learning about the individual preferences of our clients, we can precisely understand the problems related to their safety. This knowledge develops the original technology that distinguishes us in the market.

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