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Security Assistant For Mobile

Ensure effective protection for yourself and your data. Secure your phone against cybercriminals.

One of the most popular attack trends among cybercriminals today is an attack on users who have Android phones. Not only because of the ease of infection with malware, but also because of the great popularity of this mobile operating system.

Security Assistant For Mobile (SAFM) – Antimalware protection was created precisely to protect users from malware infection and data theft. An easy-to-use application with an intuitive interface actually allows you to set up antimalware protection in a few simple steps and go against cybercriminals.
The use of advanced technology, including AI, makes the process of detecting threats in the phone highly effective, without affecting the performance of the phone.

SAFM is not only antimalware protection, it is also a handy security settings assistant. Through an intuitive system of alerts, the application informs the user about the security status of the smartphone in use. Control of operating system updates, automatic protection or a configured blockade will certainly make confidential data safe on your smartphone.


  • ✔ Real-time protection
  • ✔ Protect your phone against cyber threats
  • ✔ Automatic scanning of files and applications
  • ✔ Automatic threat database update
  • ✔ Protection wizard - you decide how you want to protect your phone
  • ✔ On-demand exclusion of applications from scanning
  • ✔ Cloud Protection - additional protection thanks to AI support
  • ✔  Discreet information about the activities carried out
  • ✔ Prevent the collection of sensitive information about you
  • ✔ Ability to schedule automatic scans
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