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Case study

The number of cybercrimes in the telecommunications industry is growing exponentially. As a result of hacking attacks, cell networks are paralyzed of personal data leaked, which may have severe consequences in the context of the GDPR. Find out about the history of one of the leading telecommunications companies in Poland, which uses our tool - CTI Feed to protect against cybercriminals.


It is significant to protect critical data (administrative data, personal customer data) and telecommunication infrastructure. Our client needed a comprehensive tool to provide reliable and up-to-date information on cyber threats and, at the same time to enable neutralizing hacker attacks targeting his industry.


After a detailed analysis of the needs and requirements, our cybersecurity specialists decided that CTI Feed would be the best solution for this organization. The implementation of CTI Feed ensured adequate protection of the business, its most important resources, and confidential information in the field of ICT security. As a result, the number of APT attacks against the organization decreased. Moreover, launching the CTI Feed database did not require any interference in the company software. Our client received quick access to reliable and complete information in one place. It contributed to making the right decisions in terms of infrastructure and network protection.

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