BrowserWall DNS - Protection against malicious sites

BrowserWall DNS

domains filtering and blocking access to dangerous websites

BrowserWall DNS provides access to the advanced DNS filtering service.

The DNS server is responsible for finding the domain's IP address after the user enters the website address in the browser window. BrowserWall DNS filters domain addresses and effectively blocks access to websites with potentially cyber threat content.

As part of this service, we provide access to the DNS server, which is constantly updated with new website addresses that pose a threat to Internet users, such as phishing, malware, fake shops or scam.

These addresses will not be viewable by the BrowserWall DNS user. After entering an address from the black list, the user will be redirected to a website containing information about blocked website due to its use by cyberciminals.

How does BrowserWall DNS work?

How does the BrowserWall DNS work?
The service is launched by entering the DNS server addresses provided by PREBYTES. In the case of a single device configuration, the addresses are entered in the web browser. However, for all devices in the corporate network, the DNS server addresses must be set on the network access device.

BrowserWall DNS benefits

Safe use of the Internet, both you and your employees.
Ensuring safe transactions.
Effective protection of your web browsers against attacks by cybercriminals.
Avoiding accidental malware download.
Avoiding scams by fraud shops and phishing.
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