Dark Web Investigation - Monitoring of the internet for compromised data related to company

Dark Web Investigation

Monitoring of the internet for harmful content related to your organization

Dark Web Investigation is a service which monitors available Internet resources that are associated with cybercrime.

Dark Web Investigation allows you to search for information on the darknet that relates to an organization or its web service customers. We monitor criminal forums and the black market available on the TOR network on an ongoing basis, where cybercriminals can trade stolen data. If illegal activityis detected, we take appropriate steps to minimize the risk.

PREBYTES SIRT can also search for information made available by the organization in order to detect its criminal use (honeytrap) and conduct activities aimed at determining the scale of a given attack.

Dark Web Investigation comprises the following services:

Analyzing the noise of data collected on criminal servers.
Searching for compromised data of web service users.
Searching for compromised bank customer card data.
Informing concerning criminal bank accounts.
Informing about IP addresses associated with cybercriminal activity.
Notification of important incidents in the area of information available on the darknet.
Access to the Ticketer system.
You may report incidents about information available on the darknet.

How does Dark Web Investigation work?

How does Dark Web Investigation work
The activation of the Dark Web investigation service involving PREBYTES AI and PREBYTES SIRT requires to indicate which type of data you want usto protect.

Dark Web Investigation benefits

Immediate information about found threats against the cybersecurity of your organization.
Quick information about stolen data that cybercriminals can use in a cyberattack on your organization.
Web service users protection against unauthorized access to their accounts using stolen data, e.g., phishing or malware.
Quick access to the PREBYTES SIRT specialists. Our experts are ready to carry out complete incident handling.
Every detected case of encountering confidential data can be analyzed to provide detailed information about the threat.

You can entrust risk mitigation to PREBYTES SIRT experts as a part of incident handling, which will end with the preparing of a professional report.
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