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Newsletter about the threats detected by PREBYTES SIRT

SIRT News is a newsletter about the current hacker attacks targeting internet users in Poland.

SIRT News is an information channel about spam messages, containing malicious software that can take control of the device.

As part of this service, we inform you about threats that are sent out in the form of attachments in e- mail messages. Each subscriber is informed about spam, which may contain malicious software, and also about websites that impersonate known brands.

The information about the hazard determines the results of the analysis of the attachment, its type, characteristics and the possible risks associated with it. The report includes the original name of the attachment and the content of the message, defines its unique features and contains a graphic presentation. The SIRT News unmasks another trap devised by criminals and allows for the preparation of mitigation.

How does SIRT News work?

How does SIRT News work
To activate your subscription to SIRT News, all you need is to provide to us the e-mail address, to which we will send news about active threats.

SIRT News benefits

Receive cyberattack messages on a daily basis.
Stay informed about the real threats contained in spam messages.
Protect from downloading malware.
Raise awareness about cybersecurity.
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