CTI Feed -Database about online threats

CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) Feed

Information source about online threats

CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) Feed provides access to a database containing up-to-date information on cyber threats.

This solution is designed to protect the organization's infrastructure. The CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) Feed service is directed into companies from any industry, especially for manufacturers and service providers in the field of cybersecurity. This service provides up-to-date information about all cyberattack vectors.

Information is provided by REST API in various formats in areas of:
Phishing website addresses.
Website addresses that have been infected.
Website addresses that distribute malware.
Malicious file shortcuts.
Information regarding malicious Android applications.
IP addresses used in cyberattacks on the infrastructure

How does CTI Feed work
Cyber Threat Intelligence

How does the CTI Feed work
Implementing the CTI Feed service is by gaining access to the REST API.

CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) Feed benefits

Detection of APT attacks. Risk reduction related to losing confidential information.
Employees efficiency improvement due to minimizing time spent on identifying cyber threats.
Prevention of data leakage that may be caused by an employee entering a phishing site.
Avoiding losses related to the malware attack incident and exploits.
Automation of your network protection and minimization of the costs needed to keep up-to-date knowledge about threats.
Risk reduction related to e-mail attacks.
Employees and infrastructure efficiency increase of spam amount reduction that is required to process.
Protection to your users against mobile application attacks.
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