Remote Desktop Detection - Countering the threat related to the use of remote desktops

Remote Desktop Detection

Threats identification related to use of remote desktops

Remote Desktop Detection detects remote desktop activity at the user-end while using the online service.

This solution was created in response to the growing popularity of the remote desktop attack method among cybercriminals. A popular method is to impersonate an organization during a phone call (vishing). Clients are attacked by cyber criminals through manipulation and exploitation of the ignorance. They are often unaware that through sharing their desktop, they enable criminals to gain access to confidential data, banking or other services, and thus account takeover (ATO).

Remote Desktop Detection allows to reveal unauthorized hijacking of the device and determine the security of the session. It has two anomaly detection mechanisms, active and passive, which work together to ensure high efficiency of remote desktop event detection.

Active detection is a mechanism that diagnose device configuration. It enables to detect remote desktop detection. It recognizes many commonly used desktop sharing applications and thus allows you to determine which application has been used.

Passive detection consists of behavioral analysis through an intelligent algorithm developed using artificial intelligence and then optimized to detectdeviations from typical user behavior instantly. This mechanism allows you to diagnose the takeover of the device.

PREBYTES supports the process of protecting the service and the user through regular tests. As part of the detection improvement process, simulated attacks are carried out using available real devices.

Remote Desktop Detection benefits

Ability to detect the presence of remote desktop on the user's device.
Detection of cybercriminals taking active control over the user's device.
Protection against cybercriminal attacks.
Risk minimalization of losing users' funds.
Limit the leakage of confidential information.
Increasing the trust, and the sense of security of the service users in everyday operations.
Time and resources saver which would be spent on handling frauds.

How does Remote Desktop Detection work?

How does Remote Desktop Detection work
Remote Desktop Detection can be delivered as part of the MPShield service or as a ready-to-use solution in any online service.
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