Remote Desktop Detection - Countering the threat related to the use of remote desktops

Remote Desktop Detection

Preventing remote access scam and remote desktop takeover

Remote Desktop Detection

Identifies the presence of remote desktop software at the user-end while using the online service. This innovative solution is a response to the growing popularity of the remote desktop attacks method and social engineering attacks among cybercriminals. Remote Desktop Detection allows to detect unauthorized device takeover and determines session security. It helps protect online service users against account takeover (ATO), identity theft, and remote access fraud.

Remote Desktop Detection has two main mechanisms: active and passive, which work together to detect multiple anomalies and deliver remote desktop detection efficiency.

Active detection analyses device configuration and provides real-time diagnostics. It recognizes many commonly used desktop sharing applications and determines which application is in use at the time.

Passive detection is a behavioral analysis using an intelligent algorithm developed using artificial intelligence and then optimized to instantly detect deviations from typical user behavior. A passive mechanism allows you to diagnose the takeover of the device in real-time.

Remote Desktop Detction

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How does Remote Desktop Detection work?

When a hacker obtains access to a user's device, he can take active control over it and access confidential data, banking details, or other services, thus account takeover (ATO).

Remote Desktop Detection continuously provides the security of the online session. It monitors and identifies anomalies in user behavior in real-time that can indicate possible fraudulent usage of an account. In case of detecting remote desktop takeover, it is immediately alerted as e-mails to indicated recipients on the client's side. Detected anomalies are easy to interconnect with any cyberdefence mechanisms related to the organization.
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Remote Desktop Detection

Anti-fraud solutions

Anti-fraud Teams

Prevent account takeover and computer scams.
security teams cyber threat solutions

Security Teams

Ensure and upgrade remote desktop protocol security.
customer solutions

success teams

Prevent legal consequences related to fraud or data leakage
financial institutions cyber threat solutions

Financial Institutions

Save time and resources lost in handling fraud claims.



Of the anti-fraud teams surveyed confirmed that our solution Remote Desktop Detection has significantly reduced remote desktop takeover scams.



Of the security teams surveyed recommend Remote Desktop Detection due to manual work reduction and improvement in performance at work.



Of the financial institutions have chosen RDD because it is provided in the SECaaS model, which significantly reduces infrastructure and maintenance costs on the organization side.

Prevent remote access scams
with our

Remote Desktop Detection

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  • Protect your organization effectively against hacker attacks, financial and remote access fraud (account takeover, identity theft).
  • Reduce manual work caused by frauds and the costs associated with state authorities and criminal proceedings handling.
  • Limit the leakage of confidential information and minimize the risk of losing users' funds and trust.

6 key reasons to choose PREBYTES

Remote Desktop Detection

Remote Desktop Detection - browsing protect
Seamless integration without online service modification.
Remote Desktop Detection - browsing protect
24/7 protection against RDP attacks.
Remote Desktop Detection - browsing protect
Real-time session detection and device takeover.
Remote Desktop Detection - browsing protect
Based on AI/ML algorithms for better scam detection.
Remote Desktop Detection - browsing protect
Time-saving and reducing losses in handling fraud claims.
Remote Desktop Detection - browsing protect
Rapid improvement of online service security.


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