MPShield - Counteracting frauds and cyber attacks in real time


Automatic prevention against ATO (Account Takeover)

Anti-fraud and AML (Anti Money Laundering)

MPShield is a system aimed to counteract cybercriminal attacks in real time.

The solution is designed for institutions which have a payment services systems. MPShield helps to prevent potential attempts of gaining unauthorized access to user accounts, i.e. online banking services, e-commerce.

MPShield analyses the devices from which the user logs into a given online service and examines its behavioral characteristics during the session.The system is able to distinguish between customers and cybercriminals who aim to steal funds or goods. Additionally, the website visitor device is verified whether it is not infected with malware that interferes with the website.

How detect and prevent fraud in real-time?

Detect anomaly

Most of the fraud starts with an Account Takeover, malware infection, or fake consultant advising users to install software for remote control.A decade of online banking protection brought multiple detection mechanisms to distinguish between real users and cybercriminals.

Identify fraud pattern

The user profiles, device fingerprints, and activity patterns are the perfect combination for an advanced features matrix.

Automate reaction

Increased cybercriminals activity accompanied lack of specialists forces maximum automation. MPShield is provided in SECaaS (Security As A Sevice / SaaS) model, which reduces infrastructure and maintenance costs on organization side.

How does MPShield work?

How does the MPShield work
Implementation of MPShield by inserting a JavaScript script onto the protected website through which the service communicates with our system. PREBYTES provides the service on the basis, Security as a Service (SECaaS) and it is entirely maintained on our side.
MPShield requires no additional client-end software, which means that we provide all the necessary infrastructure required to protect your website. We ensure that the mechanism sare properly calibrated, so they are as effective as possible in detecting suspicious events.

MPShield is an innovative system preventing real-time malware attacks and potential attempts to gain unauthorized access to user accounts. Hackers can bypass security such as tokens, SMS authorization, masking password fields, and one-time authorization codes. Phishing, malware, and other cyber threats techniques are improving daily. Protection against such attacks is a critical element of any online system.
Multiple mechanism for accurate risk calculation

Less false-positive, more trust you gain

MPShield armored in multiple modules (anti-phishing, anti-fraud and anti-malware) accurately calculates risk based on multiple factors like device profile, historical usage, type of transaction, presence of malicious software, misuse of device or misguidance of online service user by fraudsters (remote desktop and fake-investments attacks).

No need for an extra resources

No need for an extra cost

MPShield has been designed to allow quick deployment in the production environment without building new and dedicated interfaces for data exchange. MPShield can be briefly described as a plug-and-play solution providing fire-and-forget technology in a cybercrime fight.

Fraudulent modus operandi meets real-time protection

Experience and technology

MPShield is based on AI/ML algorithms, and fraud teams experience. This unique combination proved their efficiency in threat detection. MPShield analyzes the stream of data to detect and predict possible cyber threats in real time.

MPShield benefits

Protection against ATO (Account takeover), phishing, vishing (voice phishing) and AML (Anti money laundering) abuse.
Minimalization of financial losses resulting from the theft of money and loss of goods.
Detection of any modification of your website and its integrity.
Guarantee the security of the clients while using payment services.
Compliance with PSD2 regulation.
Gaining additional strong user authentication (SCA - Strong Customer Authentication) ensuring data confidentiality protection.

MPShield delivers most modern approach in fighting online fraud

Detects abnormal activity of the user accessing payment services.
Notification of interference into provider's payment service.
Detects malware attacks.
Searches for changes in the structure of access to payment services.
Reveals changes in the operation of built-in browser functions, which may be a symptom of malware interference
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