Website Protection solution for banking

Website Protection

Website scanning to ensure its availability and security

Website Protection is an innovative system that monitors your website 24/7 and verifies if it is available and secure at all times.

It is a solution suitable for any organization on the Internet.

As part of the service, we verify that the website is displayed correctly and all of its elements have been downloaded successfully. We also check whether it contains a malicious content and whether the SSL certificate is valid and its configuration is correct.

Website Protection benefits

Ensuring that your website or e-shop is available for visitors.
Guarantee that your domain does not pose a threat to users and does not distribute malicious content. The validity of your SSL certificates will be checked on a regular basis, and the content on your website will be scanned with anti-virus.
Preventing blacklisting of your organization’s domains and mail servers. You will avoid communication problems via e-mail and the possibility of deleting your active ads in Google Ads.
Preventing problems with a secure connection. Helping you build the trust of your website visitors.
Immediate information for you about detection irregularities on the website, thanks to which you will quickly take appropriate action. This way will allow you to avoid negative impressions from potential

How does Website Protection work?

How does the Website Protection work
Website Protection is a unique service on the Polish market that does not require anything more than specifying the website address and choosing the notification method (e-mail, SMS) when the anomaly is detected.
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