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Cyber threats in the telecommunication industry

Telecommunications companies process enormous amounts of personal data about their customers. We can distinguish among them: names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, or bank accounts. This information is of great value to cybercriminals. Accordingly, the telecommunications market is particularly vulnerable to hacker attacks, which result in leakage and theft of personal data.

Cybercriminals have also targeted popular mobile operators. For most companies and individuals, uninterrupted access to the Internet and data transmission is indispensable in everyday work and life. Attacks on telecommunications companies result in breakdowns that paralyze cellular networks and thus prevent users from making phone calls and using the Internet. And the activities of enterprises may become disrupted.

The hackers target telecommunications company customers and send SMS messages containing malicious phone updates and fake invoices while disguising themselves as well-known brands providing telecommunications services. Performing an update from an untrusted source or downloading suspicious attachments leads to implementing a malicious application, resulting in the infected phone or computer. In this case, cybercriminals can take control of our devices and, even worse, intercept sensitive data from them, e.g., log-in details for online banking.

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