Threat - Analysis - Complete, detailed cyber threat identification

Threat Analysis

PREBYTES SIRT ready to investigate the reported security incident

Threat analysis allows you to obtain information regarding the vector of cybercriminals' attacks.

The time that elapses from the initial threat identification to the initiation of attack mitigation is of the utmost importance. It depends on how much is consumed by detailed hazard analysis and risk assessment. Dedicated analytical resources significantly reduce the time required to take a quick and decisive response to an incident.

You can entrust risk mitigation to PREBYTES SIRT experts as a part of incident handling, which will end with the preparing of a professional report.

The service initiation consists in defining the information, the protection of which you want us to involve PREBYTES AI and PREBYTES SIRT.

Threat Analysis:

Analyze cyber threats within the guaranteed response time under the contract.
Monitor detected threats and their analysis.
Filter threats related to the protected service.
Estimate the risk posed by the threat to the users of the service.
Estimate the scale of the detected threat.
Perform a basic analysis of an email or malware sample.
Perform a basic analysis of www address content.
Perform a cybersecurity consultation - 60 minutes per month.
Get access to the Ticketer system.
Get quick access to the PREBYTES SIRT specialists.
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