DP Smart - Device identification with digital fingerprint

DynaProfile Smart

Strong user authentication with digital fingerprint device

DynaProfile Smart is a software that is used for device identification while using online service.

This solution is aimed to any organization, company or corporation which have online services, e.g. internet banking, auction portals or e-shops. DP Smart, based on the features of the device, operating system, browser, network, location, speed of operation and the way the user uses the device and other features, creates a digital fingerprint of the device (DFP - Digital FingerPrint). DP Smart detects the differences between the device used in the past and today, as well as the interaction of the user on the website.

The set of device features aggregated by DP Smart means that the change of one element of the device (e.g. system / browser update, software installation) does not discredit the device, but helps to detect abuse, anomalies and unusual activities for a given device.

DP Smart is an advanced solution used to create digital device fingerprints. Multilayer profiling of the user's device allows adequate protection against fraud. The generated profile utilizes the original hardware features of the device and operating system. The collected data creates a distinctive combination, enabling accurate user identification.

DP Smart benefits

Gain additional strong user authentication (SCA - Strong Customer Authentication) based on a unique device signature.
Immediate information for you about suspicious detection of user behavior and unusual activity of a device.
Reduction of financial losses caused by the internet fraud.
Protection against cybercriminals and financial fraud attacks.
Reduction of the time spent on incident handling.
Cutting the costs of SMS codes used for authorization by implementing DP Smart.

How does DP Smart work?

How does the DP Smart work
The service is provided as a standalone module for integration with the website. Implementation of DP Smart is by adding a line of JavaScript code to the website that you want to protect.
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