Entertainment and gaming industry

Entertainment and Gaming

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Cyber threats in the entertainment and gaming industry

For several years, due to a strong interest in the creative industry, there has been a significant increase in the number of cyberattacks and other threats. Among this sector, one can distinguish the e-sports industry related game development, and broadly understood entertainment industry, including content broadcasted on streaming platforms.

Cybercriminals take advantage of any gaps in the content management systems (CMS) of the website, network protocols, or the software of hosting servers. These are also glaring user errors due to the social engineering used in social media or through e-mail and SMS messages. However, the rapid development of gaming and the resulting financial benefits attract most cybercriminals looking for an easy way to earn money. Hacking attacks are targeted at players, their fans, as well as tournament organizers and game producers.

Identity theft and data leakage are quite popular threats in the gaming environment and thus menacing, especially for the organization's finances and the players themselves. Obtaining detailed information, including logins, passwords, payment card numbers, allows cybercriminals to perform many undesirable activities. The disclosure of these data is usually also associated with the loss of cash. This happens when information is leaked out from a gaming or streaming platform due to a hacking attack. And the user has a payment card linked to the account but is not secured with additional authentication (3D-Secure). In the worst-case scenario, the affected person may lose their savings, access to the game account or streaming platform, which is associated with the loss of valuable items, progress, and the possibility of continuing to play or stream and earn money this way. What's even worse, the misappropriation of such data may result in taking out a loan or making online purchases for an unaware victim.

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