Incident handling - Investigation and response to potential security incident


Malware threats - identification and notification

Anti-Malware can effectively detect and notify about malware attacks.

As part of Anti-Malware, we use automated processes that monitor cyberspace in terms of identifying malicious software. They are based on our database of identified threats and the knowledge of our incident handling experts. We focus on threats directed against users of specific services.

Anti-Malware comprises the following services:

Malware threat detection.
Monitoring of active malware attacks.
Basic analysis of malware detected by PREBYTES.
Notification of detected threats.
Notification of significant changes regarding monitored malware attacks.
Access to the Ticketer system.
SIRT News subscription containing current information on the most important vectors ofmalware, spam, and phishing attacks.
You may report potential incident for our analysis and handling.

How does Anti-Malware work?

How does Anti-Malware work
The activation of the Anti-Malware service involving PREBYTES AI and PREBYTES SIRT requires to indicate the domain you want to be protected.

Anti-Malware benefits

Immediate information about planned and ongoing malicious software attacks performed by cybercriminals against the indicated network services.
Quick information about an identified attack, which will significantly shorten its duration.
Quick access to the PREBYTES SIRT specialists. Our experts are ready to carry out complete incident handling.
Every malware can be analyzed to provide detailed information about the threat.

You can entrust risk mitigation to PREBYTES SIRT experts as a part of incident handling, which will end with the preparing of a professional report.
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