Secure confidential information and infrastructure

Cyber threats in the industrial sector

Industry cyber attacks emerge from various motivations of criminals. They range from financial benefits related to blackmail or information theft to political reasons when the goal is to damage a country’s industrial infrastructure.

Every company has classified digital information such as financial information, customer data, technical specifications, or research results, and its disclosure may have severe or fatal consequences. Imagine what it would mean for a pharmaceutical company to lose confidential information on a new drug’s long and arduous clinical trials.

However, the risk of losing sensitive or secret data stolen by cybercriminals can result in a critical or dramatic situation for a company. In the case of a strategic sector, such as the energy industry, it may mean that the supply of electricity to the entire region or city is interrupted, its production is stopped, and communication is paralyzed.

The company employees may allow inadvertently contribute to attack the company IT system by clicking on links or opening attachments in e-mails prepared by cybercriminals, thus downloading malware. A particular threat is a sophisticated form of phishing, spear-phishing, a personalized attack preceded by an in-depth environmental interview. It is usually intended for people occupying high positions in companies from strategic sectors to obtain confidential data.

Gaining access to the digital resources of an organization is also favored by the growing popularity of remote work, and thus the technology that allows access to the company’s device from a remote location.

Ransomware attacks use malicious software that blocks access to devices or encrypted data, demanding a ransom payment to restore the original state, which is a severe threat to any company.

Information security and infrastructure security require undoubtedly an integral and comprehensive approach. Only in this way can the continuity of operation of any industry branch be fully ensured.

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