Anti-Malware - Identification of malware threats


Case study

When targeting industrial enterprises, cybercriminals are driven mainly by the desire for a quick profit. The employees are the weakest link in the cybersecurity system that unknowingly allow malware to enter the organization and infect the IT infrastructure. Below, we have described the details of implementing our Anti-Malware solution that detects and notifies malware attacks aimed at our client - a tycoon in the manufacturing industry.


Hackers often do in-depth reconnaissance of the selected object well in advance. This allows them to fine-tune and determine how to attack. Successfully conducted malware attacks allow cybercriminals to gain access to vital resources in a company and then encrypt data or devices controlling industrial processes to demand a ransom for their decryption. Disruption of business continuity adversely affects the functioning of the entire enterprise and entities with which it cooperates. A production company cannot afford production downtime. It could cause substantial financial costs in the event of failure to comply with the terms of contracts and the schedule of orders with subcontractors. Despite having an IT infrastructure security team, our client needed a system that would help him comprehensively neutralize malware attacks targeted at his organization.


The implementation of the Anti-Malware solution in the manufacturing company brought positive results. With the Anti-Malware solution, our client has received a tool that keeps him informed about planned and ongoing attacks by cybercriminals. The organization could react quickly if we identified disturbing symptoms of a hacking attack. As a result, we shorten the incident duration to a minimum while preventing substantial financial losses.

Anti-malware provides protection and secures the company's resources against malware attacks. Moreover, our solution offers adequate support in the face of security incidents and ensures operational continuity for the enterprise.

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