Incident handling - Investigation and response to potential security incident


Case study

Phishing attacks are frequent in the energy industry, wherein cybercriminals use the brand of the largest energy suppliers. It commonly known phenomenon prompted one of the leading distribution system operators to take decisive steps to protect their customers and brand. Find out what the client has gained by using our Anti-Phishing solution.


Phishing is a widespread cyber attack due to its simplicity and, effectiveness in many cases. Fraudsters pretend to be various institutions by using fake websites. The more popular a brand is, the more likely cybercriminals will be interested in it. Like other competitors in the industry, our client could see it in the usual pattern, i.e. SMS messages sent by fraudsters informing about the debt for electricity for a small amount, which must be paid to prevent power cut.


Anti-Phishing allowed for permanent control of cyberspace in terms of potential threats that may expose users to phishing confidential data and the company to the diminishing of customer trust. A successful phishing attack translates into the deterioration of the image of the company whose brand was used.

According to a security monitoring specialist, it was unnecessary to wait long for the effects of the implementation of Anti-Phishing. Cybercriminals once again tried to use a method that had worked well so far. This time, our SOC prevented the cyberattack by blocking an already prepared phishing site that used their brand. The PREBYTES solution identified the threat and made it possible to notify our partner and act immediately. Anti-Phishing solution prevented a planned attack and its consequences. The company in the organizational structure has its own security team that has successfully mitigated the attack. However, this task can also be outsourced to PREBYTES experts.

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