BrowserWall DNS - Protection against malicious sites

BrowserWall DNS

Case study

The work of e-marketing agencies and media houses that help brands launch campaigns on the Internet is associated with the permanent presence of employees in the network. This in turn, always entails a cyber risk for the company. Adequate protection against such threats is a must-have in this industry. One of the Warsaw agencies chose the BrowserWall DNS tool created by PREBYTES.


“The network is our working environment. Hence we care about its safety while using the internet. Cybercriminal attacks are often seen as something that exists, but they do not concern us until they hit us ruthlessly. This is a common and real threat. We want to prevent before it occurs”, says the managing director of the agency.

Any organization can become the target of a cyberattack. Unaware users expose themselves to various threats by opening dangerous pages and files and clicking on links. They suffer a loss from phishing and other frauds as a result of downloading malware.

“We strive to improve our security. A high protection level is also required by cooperating with large enterprises that expect their service providers to use effective ICT security,” - the director adds.


BrowserWall DNS was created for comprehensive protection while browsing websites. In detail, it provides safety for users against downloading malware, entering dangerous websites, and executing malicious code. This solution fully responds to the needs of our client. With the implementation of BrowserWall DNS, agency employees gained security in their daily work.

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