Dark Web Investigation - Monitoring of the internet for compromised data related to company

Dark Web Investigation

Case study

The Darknet internet network is a space that only a few have access. The Darknet is a haven for cybercriminals, where they can anonymously trade illegal material that compromises numerous organizations.

One of the largest commercial banks in Poland decided to monitor the internet on an ongoing basis in search of content harmful to its institutions. For this purpose, he used our solution - Dark Web Investigation.


The black market comprises many stolen information. Among them, we can distinguish specific user data (logins, passwords) that allow access to online banking, social media accounts, or corporate IT networks. The most valued packages contain data that allows penetration into the organization's infrastructure and data regarding customers' financial services.

Due to the inability to detect the actual location of servers, the black market guarantees privacy and anonymity in commercial transactions. This is a huge problem and a challenge for law enforcement in the event of a crime. Hackers who possess detailed information about a specific company may begin to prepare for a cyberattack.


Dark Web Investigation constantly monitors hard-to-reach criminal forums and the black market searching for stolen information related to banking institutions and clients. For example, as a result of an earlier phishing attack targeting a bank employee, data for their IT system and their customers'credit card numbers leaked into the darknet. With the Dark Web Investigation solution, the bank immediately received notification of compromised information on the black market that threatens its cybersecurity. In this case, the SOC could react quickly enough and prevent further consequences caused by the data leakage.

Dark Web Investigation allows complete control over content harmful to organizations placed on the darknet. It directly translates into making the right decisions when a threat is detected that may adversely affect the institution's reputation and operational continuity.

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