DP Smart - Device identification with digital fingerprint

DP Smart

Case study

Cybercriminals are increasingly turning their interest towards famous game producers and gaming platforms. Their prime motive is to obtain confidential data concerning players, business information, or game source codes. Learn the story of one of the leading companies in the gaming industry, who decided to protect itself and its users from hacking attacks using our product, namely DP Smart.


Access to player profiles is precious to hackers. Stolen personal data (e-mails, passwords, credit card numbers) can be used to take over the user's profile, preventing further gameplay or even theft of character equipment that has a high market value (especially in the darknet). Other risks associated with data leakage are the hijacking of bank accounts and the associated purchases charged to the player's account. Our client has tens of thousands of user accounts in his database. For that reason, the issue of cybersecurity is crucial for him.


Maintaining the security of the company's resources and its recipients at the highest standards requires advanced solutions. It was necessary to implement a solution that would prevent access to player accounts and protect against leakage of personal data. For this purpose, our DP Smart solution was implemented, serving as an additional, strong authentication (SCA - Strong Customer Authentication) of the user based on a digital device imprint (DFP - Digital FingerPrint). DP Smart made it possible to detect suspicious activities and unusual activities for a given device while preventing unauthorized access to player profiles and accessing valuable personal data by cybercriminals. The scale of identity theft and fraud was reduced by 89%. It was an essential benefit to our client - the owner of one of the largest gaming platforms.

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