SIRT News - Newsletter about current cyber attacks


Case study

The disposal and processing of large amounts of digital information require special protection. To increase the security of confidential data, a pharmaceutical company decided to invest in employee education.


The company has rich data resources that are guarded secretly. Security plays a key role here, especially in the case of recent cyber attacks. The occurrence of security incidents related to human behavior caused a need to raise employees' awareness of cybersecurity, as this is a potential risk area for the company.


Our client took advantage of the SIRT News subscription, receiving daily information about new threats on the web. The newsletter prepared by the PREBYTES SIRT team was distributed to all employees. They found out which spam messages contain dangerous attachments and could end up in their mailbox. Employees became more and more careful before clicking on a link or downloading a file by systematically receiving such knowledge. SIRT News provided a greater understanding of fraud and cybercrime, which is one of the company's priorities at the moment.

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