Threat - Analysis - Complete, detailed cyber threat identification

Threat analysis

Case study

Cyber threat analysis is a crucial element in the IT security management process. Its main task includes protecting the organization's IT infrastructure against malicious activities of hackers. A well-conducted and thorough analysis enable to obtain valuable information regarding the vector of cybercriminals' attacks.

Below, we have described our client's story - the owner of a large insurance company. The client was concerned about his employees' e-mail messages from potential contractors and decided to verify them in terms of cyber threats as part of the Threat Analysis service purchased from us.


There has been a significant popularization of e-mail as a means of communication between and within organizations in recent years. Cybercriminals who attack employees using spam campaigns to obtain confidential data and infect the device with malware are well aware of this. Their methods are becoming bolder and more unconventional.

Due to the specifics of his work in the industry (concluding insurance contracts), the client uses e-mail boxes as one of the main communication channels. Every day, his company sends and receives hundreds of e-mails, making it especially vulnerable to hacking attacks.


The PREBYTES SIRT team has verified as a sample an e-mail from the customer containing an inquiry in the form of an attachment from the alleged business partner. After a detailed analysis, it turned out that the message had files that, when launched, infect the computer with malware. At the same time, it was possible to estimate the risk posed by the detected threat for the insurance company and its service recipients. With the Threat Analysis solution, the client protected employees' devices, operating systems, and other equipment included in the entire IT infrastructure. In this way, the insurance company avoided business disruptions and breaches of consumer personal data protection within the meaning of the GDPR. As we know, both of these issues are associated with generating enormous financial losses.

Threat analysis prevents leakage of personal data and access to company resources, bank accounts, and other Internet services. As part of the service we provide, the client's organization can consult on cybersecurity (60 minutes per month) and can report any number of potential threats that the PREBYTES SIRT team will examine.

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